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Living Free Therapy Policies

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Policies: List

Client's Rights

*. Each client has the right to discontinue treatment at any time for any reason. 
*. Clients have the right to be provided treatment in a growth fostering environment.

Client Responsibilities

* Each client is responsible to arrive to session on-time or provide cancellation or reschedule notice         clearly and directly to therapist a minimum of 24 prior to session.
*  Each client is asked to refrain from the use of any words, clothing, requests, pictures, video or any other form of expression that involve anything racist, prejudice, sexually inappropriate, violent, intimidating, or illegal.
*  Clients are asked to refrain from yelling 
*.  Clients are encouraged to communicate to their therapist if issue or offense has occurred.
*   No weapons are permitted on property
*.  Unauthorized video or audio recording any interactions in building is not permitted.

Cancel or Reschedule Policy

*  It is the clients responsibility to communicate clearly intent to cancel or reschedule scheduled session a minimum of 24 hour prior to session or $60 late cancellation fee would apply.

Infectious Disease Policy

*  If a client experiences fever, chills, moderate to severe cough and/or sneezing, client is expected to cancel session with minimum of 24 hour notice prior to session.
*  If client arrives to session with sickness symptoms, client will be asked to leave and client will be financially responsible for the late cancellation fee.
*. Due to COVID-19, all clients are asked to wear face covering in lobby in congruence with Sumner County Mask Mandate. Face coverings in session are at therapist and or client discretion.

Inclement Weather Policy

*  Therapist determines need to cancel sessions due to inclement weather based on reports from The Weather Channel, Sumner and Davidson County Schools, and risk for all clients.
*   If Therapist and other resources determine weather is safe to continue with session, client is responsible for honoring session time, otherwise late cancellation fee applies.

Policies: List
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