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What all do we treat?

We treat depression, anxiety, self-hate, PTSD, addictive behaviors, addiction already in recovery, relapse prevention, self-harm, eating-disorders (not requiring medical assistance), relationship conflict, relationship struggles, domestic violence, victims of trauma, unresolved childhood trauma and many more alike.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session is one therapeutic hour, meaning 45-50 minutes. If  you are choosing to utilize EMDR therapy, sessions may require 90 minutes. Fees would reflect time in session.

Do you Offer Sliding Scale Rates?

Allison is unable to offer sliding scale at this time. Allison's rates are $125 per 45-50 minutes session. Allison Can offer insurance benefits to those in-network with Cigna, United Healthcare, American Behavioral, and Aetna.

Skye and Mike's rates are $85 per 45-50 minute session. Both can offer in-network benefits for Cigna members.

Open For Business

By appointment Only

Various times, Monday through Friday with morning, midday, afternoon and even hour options!

Please call or email for options!

All Special Circumstance Scheduling, such as weekends or Holidays not already open for scheduling are $150 per therapeutic hour and client must voluntarily forfeit right to use insurance.

FAQ: Hours
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